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Your offer is prepared by the Real Estate Agent and presented to the seller.
Here is where negotiations of the offer usually happen, and are accepted when all parties are happy with the price.
Once accepted you will need to appoint your Settlement Agent.
You can contact us here to request a quote.
Simply Settlements will then receive your Contract of Sale, review all of the conditions noted, and begin preparing your initial settlement documentation. This documentation requires your original signature(s) and will be sent to you to you in the post, or you can come to our office.
We will lodge your Contract of Sale with the Office of State Revenue to enable them to complete your Transfer (Stamp) Duty assessment.
Now is the time to be contacting your bank or mortgage broker to start your application for finance. If you do not have a mortgage broker yet, we recommend you contact The Loan Company for them to help you during the process.
Once your loan is formally approved, we will provide all necessary documents to your bank and mortgage broker to ensure they are aware and preparing for settlement.
At this stage we will need to complete your 100-point Verification of Identity by way of your passport, or birth certificate and driver’s licence. We include completion of this in our office as part of your settlement fee, but should you not be able to make it to us Australia Post can complete this for you at a cost of $49 per person. Please let us know what you prefer and we can make the necessary arrangements with you.
The relevant authorities are now notified to enable us to adjust your rates and taxes in preparation for settlement. They will also issue any required notices of approvals at your property for your review (for example, patio approvals, extension approvals, pool and spa, shed, etc).
Settlement is then booked with all parties and completed via the PEXA Platform which enables faster registration of documents, notification and distribution of funds.
Once settlement is completed you will receive your final settlement documentation, including your original Contract of Sale and a copy of the Certificate of Title in your name.
“The greatest compliment you can give me is the opportunity to look after the settlement needs of your family, friends and colleagues”